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Brofessional Development Podcast

Aug 9, 2022

What we would do if we won the lottery

Last week, the Powerball winner got $1.4Billion. If Sal won the Powerball, he would’ve paid his parents’ mortgage off and bought himself a house. The rest of us would buy all the toys and we would get all our closest friends to quit their jobs and work for us.

70% of all lottery winners lose all the money within 5 years. The thing with money is, the more you have, the more you spend. If you’re not making money, you will run out, no matter how much you win.

Sports News

Some of these NFL suspensions make no sense. Deshaun Watson was suspended for 6 games, while Calvin Ridley was suspended for a year for betting on games when he wasn’t even playing. The NFL also suspended the Dolphins owner $1.5Million for offering Tom Brady partial ownership to sign him.

In other sports news, the Cardinals did not win Juan Soto. We’re not too upset with this result. We’re more impressed with Otani’s talent, to be honest. He’s like the next Babe Ruth.


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