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Brofessional Development Podcast

Jun 8, 2021

Dr. Ellen Reed is a mental performance coach, Director of Mental Training at Enhanced Performance, Inc., co-author of Relentless Solution Focus, professional dancer, and a mental toughness expert.

This week Dr. Reed sits down with the guys and shares her story including her background as a dancer and how it translates to her expertise as a mental performance coach.  

Dr. Reed emphasizes the importance of making micro-adjustments in order to build to desired outcomes. She gives simple exercises any parent can use with their children to help instill self-confidence.

Gain insight into the costs and benefits of a perfectionist mentality and how it may limit success in the long run. In order to prevent this, Dr. Reed presents some simple solutions for constant self-improvement.

Dr. Reed notes the benefits both chemical and psychological when shifting one’s mentality to always searching for solutions. Learn how one simple question can change the way you look at problems.

Powerful quotes

Self-confidence is the number one variable for human performance.

People give up before they even try.

What’s one thing I can do that could make this better?

What can I delete from my life to make it more efficient?

Key Highlights

[00:00] Intro

[00:35] Introducing Dr. Ellen Reed

[01:48] Why this subject?

[05:12] How do you hold it together?

[08:57] Try something else.

[11:00] Parenting tips.

[15:45] Instilling self-confidence.

[17:08] Perfectionist mentality.

[23:45] How to find solutions.

[26:00] Relentless Solution Focus Tool

[29:21] How do you get someone on the right path?

[30:20] Problem centric thinking.

[42:20] Sharing vulnerability.

[49:00] Onlyfans inquiries.

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