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Brofessional Development Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

Every morning you wake up with a blank slide. You get a new chance to build it up how you want it.  It’s not just about saying you have a sweet morning routine but having a beneficial routine that you can see progress over time.

In this episode, we look at why we need an efficient morning routine, quotes on routines, the million-dollar morning, and some of the best morning routines we have adopted. Besides, we dive deep into visualization and taking specific actions towards your goal, worst habits that could mess up your morning routine, and routines we will adopt going forward. If you’re looking towards having a conscious morning routine, tune in to this episode!


In this Episode

[01:56] What’s the magic time

[03:20] Quotes on routines

[06:57] Having a conscious morning routine

[07:37] Why you need a morning routine

[08:44] Having a million-dollar morning

[11:33] Best or worst routines that we have ever adopted

[15:38] Messing around with your morning routine

[18:49] Manifestation and taking specific action

[20:00] Worst habits in a morning routine

[22:22] Any routines to adopt going forward

[25:10] Leaving some room in your day for anything that might come up

[25:53] Having sustainable programs such as The 75 Hard program

[30:00] Having your priorities right

Powerful Quotes

  • Everybody has a morning routine. Everybody you can think of wakes up in the first 15/20min and probably does the exact same thing every day subconsciously, but when you start to turn that into something conscious where you control the morning routine, I think that’s where you see progress.
  • Having some type of routine actually gives some regularity so that you’re less prone to being stressed.
  • The greatest gift you have every single morning is the fact that you woke up. So, instead of taking that time and thinking of something that stresses you out or something that pisses you off. Think about something positive to start your day, and you will have already had million-dollar money.
  • If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.
  • The visualization thing is important, but you have to take action towards it.
  • Every morning you wake up with a blank slide. When you look at social media or check your emails, you are giving those external things an opportunity to start your day off.