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Brofessional Development Podcast

Jun 15, 2021

In this episode, we speak with Jeff Lopes, a serial entrepreneur and the host of Jeff Knows Inc Podcast. Jeff is also a business coach, best-selling author, and founder of Kimurawear, a global brand in Boxing, Martial Arts, and Fitness Equipment. Jeff is also the president of True Blue Homes, which offers a portfolio of Vacation Rentals across Northern Ontario Canada, which he also founded in 2012.

Becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 17, Jeff has experienced the best and worst in the industry on his way to building seven and 8 figure companies.


Tune in to listen to Jeff sharing his first step in the industry, why he became an entrepreneur, and what gives his life a purpose. He also shares about work-family life balance, how to manage time and increase your efficiency, and some critical tips for entrepreneurs.



[01:23] How lucrative is the drug dealing industry?

[06:05] Jeff’s story about his son

[13:28] Work-family balance

[16:40] Improving your efficiency and getting work done fast

[18:43] Time blocking strategy for time management

[20:33] Getting ahead of fear

[23:48] What high schools should be teaching

[24:44] Getting into entrepreneurship at a young age

[29:40] Getting through the challenges

[32:31] Tips for entrepreneurs

[40:12] Getting into real estate

[45:35] “House Hacking”

[47:35] Only fans inquiry

Powerful Quotes

  • If you can walk away from your business for 30 years and it still gonna run, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you have to be at your business all the time, you’re still self-employed.
  • Everbody losses. At the end of the day is how many more wins are stocked above the losses.
  • When I do a mistake, I learn from it and don’t do it again.
  • If fear grows and the less chances you take, the more fear happens, the less wins you have.
  • You can teach somebody the skills. You can teach somebody the tools. But you can’t teach them the hustle.
  • A lot of people don’t realize your environment could impact who you are.
  • You have to have a purpose and passion for what you are doing.
  • Surround yourself with the right people and take chances. Don’t be scared to put yourself online.
  • Prepare yourself for the worst-case scenarios at all times and be ready to put in the work.

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