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Brofessional Development Podcast

Jun 1, 2021

Check your ego at the door. Turns out this piece of advice is intended specifically for Matt as polling results show his ego towers above the rest.

This week we start off with the guys discussing what’s been going on in their lives recently including Dan’s incredible bedroom stamina.

Keep your ego in check. The guys take turns sharing quotes from the likes of Ryan Holiday, Maya Angelou, and Gary Vee. The idea being that a large ego prevents you from continuing to learn and self- improvement.

Defining the word “ego” can be difficult, but one must be able to learn to differentiate between that and self-confidence. There is a world of difference between one’s actual ability versus their perception of what they can accomplish.

Next the gang takes an introspective look at themselves and share their own issues with ego and self- perception.

Finally, we close with tips from Ryan Holiday on how to control one’s ego and questions from fans.