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Brofessional Development Podcast

Mar 18, 2022

What’s Considered Flexing?

People say flexing is doing whatever you can to look good, but that doesn't explain why people who don't do anything to look good are considered flexing.

It gets more complicated too, some people are considered "flexing" for being able to afford such and such, other people who can afford the same things aren't considered flexing at all. There's also this weird idea that flexing is about money and material goods, but in reality, most people who are considered flexing have nothing that others don't have. So what is the true definition of flexing?

Join us in this episode as we try to find out what actually flexing is, especially on social media, and whether it’s even wrong in the first place. During the episode, you will also hear more about Kim Kardashian’s best advice for women, Pete Davidson’s beef with Kanye, and Elon Musk’s challenge to Putin.


Key Highlights

[00:20] What’s going on

[01:30] Flex or No? What do you consider flexing?

[05:59] Defining flex

[09:50] Is flexing wrong?

[11:40] Kim Kardashian’s best advice for women

[14:23] Pete Davidson vs. Kanye West beef

[15:53] Elon Musk challenges Putin to a fight

[19:24] What’s going on in our businesses

[20:48] Matt’s first month in Airbnb business

Notable Quotes

  • Talking about flexes, my wife literally does not allow me to flex at all.
  • Social Media in general is a huge flex. Anything you post, it’s like, “I want people to see this.”
  • A flex is anything that’s above and beyond average. Because society has painted out to create average people.


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