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Brofessional Development Podcast

Mar 15, 2022

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a natural thing. It’s the perception that other people are having fun, experiencing better lives or things, and you’re missing out. It is often a result of some unhappiness that you’re trying to fulfill.

In this episode, we discuss, what’s trending, valuable insights from last night's event, some of the powerful quotes on FOMO, where does it come from, how can you control it, get past it as well as how you can convert FOMO into JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). Besides, we look at opportunity cost, forgoing something for a more valuable course. If you are a victim of FOMO and you’re looking for ways to change that, this episode is for you!


In this Episode

[01:20] McDonald’s closing all its stores in Russia

[01:46] Porn hub sanctioned in Russia

[03:24] massive employee lay off

[06:34] Gas prices going up

[08:18] South Korea’s squid game election

[09:40] A recap on our last night's event

[16:00] Having a work-life  balance

[19:16] Quotes on FOMO

[23:02]  How FOMO is good

[25:16] Where FOMO comes from

[29:51] The opposite of FOMO

[30:50] The Power of Now book

[32:14] Opportunity cost

[37:30] Focusing on your goals

[40:21]  Getting past FOMO

[42:37] Creating joy of missed opportunity

[46:09] The upcoming event

Powerful Quotes

  • If you have an actual goal and want to hit it, you have to do the daily actions to get you there.
  • The fear of missing out can influence an emotional decision to even the most successful people in the world.
  • There is an abundance of opportunities down the road. It's okay that passed.
  • The present moment is the key to liberation.
  • Why sacrifice anxiety of the future or feeling regretful in the past so you can enjoy this moment?
  • If you are anxious, you are living in the future, if you are depressed, you’re living in the past, and if you’re happy, you’re living in the present.
  • What you focus on grows.
  • Every opportunity that I get and turn down, the opportunity that I know will grow me. There is a cost to that.
  • Accept that this might really take off, but I am not going to be part of it.
  • Fear of missing out is a natural thing, but there are ways to overcome it.