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Brofessional Development Podcast

Sep 13, 2022

Startups in st louis

St Louis is a good place for startups and entrepreneurs for several reasons - the low cost of living and running a business, there are universities, it’s easy to get hold of people in St Louis.

Since 2014, VC deals have gone from $2.7m up to $12m last year. Last year’s record high investment statistic is probably thanks to the low interest rate. We expect the number to be lower this year because of the rising interest rates and the companies have been laying off staff to remain profitable.

Exits in St Louis haven’t been hugely impressive. From a PR standpoint, it helps to have an exit, but having well-run businesses in St Louis would be better from an investment standpoint.

The unfortunate situation in St Louis is that many businesses end up leaving to other parts of the country for better opportunities.

The worrying part of remote work is that employees would rather work from Austin or Silicon Valley, so startups in St Louis end up incubating more startups.


Brofessional Development Podcast is hosted by St. Louis Business Owners Bobby Drummond, Brad Loyet, Dan Greiner, and Matt Kresko!



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