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Brofessional Development Podcast

Mar 25, 2022

What’s Trending in Business, Politics and Sports

In this episode, we dive into our shoot the shit session. From business ideas, repercussions of the Lia Thomas winning Division I championship, and the impact of financial literacy classes introduced in the education system at the high school level.

Besides, we look at the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war. If Biden happens to sign the No-Fly zone, it might lead to the third world war. How is this war affecting our stock markets? How will high inflation rates and interest affect businesses? Tune into this episode and learn more about what’s trending.


In this Episode

[00:38] Trademarking our name brofessional

[01:25] Business ideas

[05:36] Battery-powered sex toys-vibrators

[08:02] Would you rather work 4 days a week or work two months on, and one month off?

[09:53] Would you rather go back in time to meet your ancestors, or would you rather go forward in time to meet your great-grandchildren?

[11:43] Repercussion of Lia Thomas winning  the Division I championship

[16:09] Financial Literacy classes introduced for high school students

[19:19] Effects of Russia and Ukraine asking for a No-Fly zone

[21:18] Market speculations right now

[22:38] How the war might impact business moving forward

[23:20] If we were to go into recession, how would it play out

[26:32] Connor McGregor arrested for reckless driving

[27:00] WNBA star Brittney Griner detained in Russia

Notable Quotes

  • Go through the situation with the kid before the situation happens and then talk about what they would do in that situation so that when the situation comes up or a similar situation, they are prepared for whatever scenario might come up.
  • Russia and Ukraine supply 15% of wheat to the whole world. So, if they do not start planting their wheat in the next week or two, up to 100 million people will starve.
  • There is only a 90-day supply of food in the entire world. So if food production stopped in 90 days, we would be completely out of it.
  • The days that the market takes an uptake is when there is a thought of good news, not that there is even good news. Just the thought of something good would happen or a sign of a peace treaty, the stock market starts to go up.