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Brofessional Development Podcast

Jan 11, 2022

Having regular reflection on every aspect of your life allows you to understand better where you want to go and develop a growth mindset. As we start this new year, you need to reflect and audit your past year. What have you accomplished? How has your circle been? Have you built any long-term networks?

In this episode, we look at some of our reflection points for the past year with our guest Blake. What are some of the biggest changes we made in 2021, and what are our focus areas in 2022? Besides, we discuss how proving doubters wrong turned us into the best version of ourselves. Tune in for more!


In this episode

[01:33] Meeting Blake

[05:40] Quote on reflection

[06:00] Our reflection points for the past year

[08:09] About the book The Darkside of the Light Chasers.

[08:24] 2022 Goals

[12:37] Proving doubters wrong

[18:35] Looking into negative situations

[20:39] Biggest changes we made in 2021

[21:45] Achieving your goals

23:11] Focus areas in 2022

Powerful Quotes:

  • We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.
  • I have all this shit going on, I have all these people bending against me, but I’m gonna come out on top.”
  • The best revenge is success, but more importantly, the best revenge is becoming a better person.
  • Whenever shitty circumstances arise or are out of control in your life, you have two options. Sit down and be like, bitch, and let your life become shittier and just say it’s like you are a victim of circumstances someone else created or just move forward.
  • When you reflect, you can have a better understanding of where you want to go and how you want to build on that.

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