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Brofessional Development Podcast

Jun 9, 2022

Transparency is being honest with other no matter how difficult it can be in your business or your employee. Transparency can depend on you as a business owner, you can be transparent with yourself or toward others. There are some information that should remain private in your business, but letting your employees know some things behind your success may help motivate them to perform better at their job.

In this episode, we talk about transparency and the policy in your business, what transparency means, times where businesses have lacked transparency, and we share areas where we wish we were more or less transparent.


In this Episode

[0:45] Quotes on transparency and policy in your business

[5:31] What transparency means to you

[10:55] Times where businesses had a lack of transparency

[20:14] Areas where we wish we were more or less transparent right now


Notable Quotes

“Transparency the practice of being open and honest with others no matter how challenging it might be”.

“The sooner you can look at things objectively, the sooner you’re going to live a happier life in general with less conflict”.

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Brofessional Development Podcast is hosted by St. Louis Business Owners Bobby Drummond, Brad Loyet, Dan Greiner, and Matt Kresko!