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Brofessional Development Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

In today’s episode, we speak to Connor Beaton, the founder of Man Talks. Man Talks is an organization that is focused on men’s health and success. Connor is also an international speaker, a podcast host, and an event leader who pushes men to dig deep for their purpose and for confidence. He’s also appeared at TEDx multiple stages.

Tune in and listen to our guest share about finding inspiration after hitting your rock bottom, his own experience and how he got out of it, how you can leverage uncertainty, and more from his upcoming book.


[00:45] About Connor Beaton

[01:29] ‘The first rule of men’

[05:19] Has Connor’s views on ‘the first rule of men’ changed after becoming a father?

[09:10] What men generally hide

[14:58] Connors tears and the turning point

[20:08] Finding inspiration out of your rock bottom

[22:43] Advice for the desperate people out there

[26:44] “Sex for validation”

[31:40] Thoughts on fraternity initiation

[34:36] The purpose of initiation

[37:58] How to leverage uncertainty

[40:43] The biggest lesson about uncertainty

[42:04] Connor’s upcoming book: what to look forward to

[43:25] Only fans inquiry

Powerful Quotes

  • A man’s work begins in pain. It begins in us being able to look at our lives in a very real way and say, why am I suffering?
  • I’m very grateful for having put in the work to be the man that I am today to give my son the best chance possible in a world that is admittedly radically chaotic.
  • Some men feel like frogs because they’re not owning who they are or what they’re actually doing in their life.
  • The biggest moment for me was deciding that lying, hiding, and being untruthful in any way was a damaging impact on my life.
  • If you can find somebody that can help you get into that shame and grief before you hit the rock bottom, you can circumvent your situation.
  • The inspiration comes from giving yourself the permission to experience the things that you don’t want to experience, talk about things you’ve been avoiding, and own the things you’ve been running from.
  • For a lot of men, it’s easier to get validation from women than it is for them to go on a journey.
  • The purpose of initiation of putting you in contact with death is so that you could come back to culture, community, and your family, and be more effective as a man.
  • Uncertainty is the force of change. When you don’t know what’s going to happen, then what you’re left with is faith.

Connect with Connor

Connor Beaton Website:




Man Talks Website:


Mentioned Book

The Wisdom Of Insecurity-- Alan Watts


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