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Brofessional Development Podcast

Aug 4, 2022

Welcome to episode 104 of the Brofessional Development podcast!


This week, the Brofessionals are getting candid—turning the conversation to insecurities and confidence.


Follow along while Bobby and Sal share some of their favorite quotes on insecurity and confidence, what they believe causes insecurities, and how theirs have landed them in some uncomfortable situations.


“I knew that’s not where my future was supposed to go. But instead, I just stayed stuck in that situation, and just ignored it, hoping that it would go away.


Then, Bobby and Sal get honest about the strategies they use to deal with those situations—from avoidance to lying—it’s all getting put out there.


Finally, Bobby and Sal share some of their bad habits and the things they’ve been insecure about, and some pieces of advice for turning insecurities into growth.


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Time stamps:


0:00 Intro

0:45 Quotes on Insecurity and Confidence

2:12 Defining Insecurity

5:35 Avoiding Tough Situations

16:27 Bad Habits and Insecurities

28:42 Outro




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