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Brofessional Development Podcast

Apr 12, 2022

In this episode, we dive into our shoot the shit session from Elon musk being the largest stake stakeholder exceeding the founder-Jack Dorsey, to who is likely to win the challenge fight between Musk and Putin.

Besides, we dive deep into the Forbes billionaire list, having lost the largest number of billionaires since the 2008 housing crisis. Are we headed into recession? Tune in as we discuss this and much more!


[01:35] Elon Musk is the largest stakeholder on Twitter, with 9.2%

[03:40] Who is likely to win the fight between Elon Musk and  Putin

[05:16] The declining rate in the Forbes list of billionaires

[07:42] Gerda Puridle invented eyelash extensions in 1882

[09:15] A St. Louis bar owner caught on surveillance killing somebody

[14:30] The theory behind Will Smith and Chris Rock's drama


  • “Today, the market stands at 6% from the beginning of the year. Is that enough to knock so many people out of the billionaire's list? Why are there fewer billionaires? Did they die?”
  • “These guys are billionaires. How do you not have enough financial advisors or people around you to make sure you are diversified enough…You have billions of dollars. How do you not set it up towards generating your money no matter what.”
  • “I think Chris Rock was fcking Jada Pinkett. He reeled back for a second like, “Oh, I could have said something, but he didn’t. He took the high roads.”
  • “Deutsche bank predicted the US is going under a recession. It says the Federal was too late to rate hike game and won't be able to achieve the goal of bringing down inflation without setting economic growth in reverse.”
  • “Industries really do well in a recession.”



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