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Brofessional Development Podcast

Jun 24, 2022

This week we share our experiences with 75 Hard programs. We’ll share how we progressed and how it can be beneficial to those looking to achieve mental toughness that can be useful for your business. Acquiring mental toughness aside from a well-organized routine can always bring positive change that can improve your overall lifestyle.

In this episode, we talk about 75 Hard books, what is the program about, and the lessons you can learn from the program, we’ll also share our favorite and least favorite parts when in the program, and some of our tips if you’re considering to start the program.


In this Episode

[1:18] 75 Hard Quotes                                                                         

[4:55] What is 75 Hard Program?

[6:37] Why should you consider doing 75 Hard?

[11:50] Biggest Lessons you can learn from the program

[15:16] Favorite and least favorite parts about the program

[21:26] Tips for those considering starting 75 Hard


Notable Quotes

“The pages don't get easier to read. You just develop the mental capacity to read faster and comprehend better.”

“We are what we watch and what we listen to.”

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Brofessional Development Podcast is hosted by St. Louis Business Owners Bobby Drummond, Brad Loyet, Dan Greiner, and Matt Kresko!